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World tango for the dance floor

Zbigniew Preisner’s compositions from the soundtrack to Trois Couleurs has been popular for a long time.
Satummaa is a classic Finish tango from the 1940s. It is essentially is the second national hymn of Finland.
Oh These Dark Eyes is a classic of Russian tango, popular all over the world. This version, recorded by Tango 9 is, IMHO, the best modern recording of the tango.
Quadro Nuevo is absolutely great group from Germany. It plays in variety of genres, including tango. Arriverderci Roma is from soundtrack to the old Italian movie.
La Paloma recorded by mood area 52 is a 19th-century habanera, still a favorite of the tango dance floor.

TRACK: Zbigniew Preisner – Trois Couleurs- Blanc – Morning At The Hotel

Tango Orkesteri Unto – Satumaa (Dreamland)

Tango No. 9-Oh, These Dark Eyes (Tango a La Russe)

Quadro Nuevo – Arriverderci Roma

mood area 52-La Paloma

Tango Enrosque – Subitango

Quadro Nuevo – Tango Del Mare

Here are a few other pieces of the world tango worthy to check out:
Orientango – Tango

Orientango – Last Tango In Paris

mood area 52-La Paloma

March 2nd, 2013
Genre(s): Alternative Tango, World Tango
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