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Tete and Silvia

Tete and Silvia – audio 1.

Tete and Silvia – audio 2.

Tete is one of the last milongueros of the great Golden Age of tango. He has been dancing tango for almost 60 years. His philosophy and style of dancing are not the only reasons why he is considered such an iconic figure in the world of tango. It is also his unique personality.

Silvia Ceriani, a writer and an artist, has been Tete’ teaching partner since 1995. Her story is fascinating too.

The interviews with Tete and Silvia were recorded during the party in Ilene Marder’s house in early May 2008 in Woodstock, NY.

The interview with Daniel Tonelli, the director of A volar señores: Un Vals Para Tete, was recorded in late May, 2008 via phone. At this point, the DVD can be purchased from Silvia Ceriani. See the YouTube.com preview of this documentary.

I can not say enough of Rick McGarrey’s tango essays. I just wish it was me who wrote  Without Fear about Tete. You can fin Rick’s writings on Tango and Chaos site. I read only a portion of his essay on air. Please, read the whole essay and more – it is well worth your time. My apologies to Rick for using his work without an official permission. I could not find his email address on his site, but I could not make this show without quoting him.

Tete in Woodstock, NY

Tete, Silvia (to Tete’s left), Ilene Marder (in sunglasses) and unidentified local
tanguera, May 2008photo by D J Mancino (c) 2008 D
J Mancino

Tete and Ilene, Woodstock, NY

Tete and Ilene Marder of Woodstock Tango, May 2008photo by D J Mancino (c) 2008 DJ Mancino

Sylvia Ceriani Art

Silvia’s tango-inspired art

The video clip for
A volar señores

Open Letter from Tete to Tango Dancers Around the World

Buenos Aires, December 11, 1998

On the National Day of Tango December 11 I would like to address myself with all due respect and affection to those around the world who have in some way  or other learned to love tango as much as we do.  I would like you to dance better, for your own satisfaction but within the music that is so passionate.

The tango is a feeling.  It is not difficult to learn.  Nor is it easy.  But it is not danced by figures and steps.  It is danced to the music.  I know of no dancer anywhere in the world who dances without music.   You cannot be mistaken for so long.  Dancing without music, you will never learn tango.

You choose your teachers and invite those from whom you want to learn.  You deal with the issues of tango from another point of view, and I’m going to tell you why.  Because tango is and always will be music and learning how to walk it, to listen to it, to feel it=85because it becomes a part of you that you cannot detach.  After that, each person, each dancer learns his or her own style. Men and women.

Enough of lies.  Don’t buy repetitive forms.  If you want to buy tango, buy tango.

Why don’t you enjoy the milongas of Buenos Aires much?  Because the milongueros and milongueras really dance.  They were the ones who taught the current generation how to dance.

However, the path you are on seems to be another, one with a different tango, a tango in disguise.   For the sake of tango, and fo the sake of all of us and with my heart in my hand I say to you: Dance the music.  Because the music is the tango.

I take my leave of you with much love. Dance well, have a good journey,
My companion and I,
Tete and Silvia

Reprinted from Tango-L, see there the responses to the letter.


Playlist, track 1

Desde al alma – Pugliese

Alma de bohemio – Rodolfo Biagi con Teofilo Ibañez

La Trilla – Di Sarli

Corazon De Oro – Francisco Canaro

Playlist, track 2

Soñar y nada más – Alfredo de Angelis con Carlos Dante y Julio Martel

Sumo – Noche de Paz

Sumo – Mañana en el Abasto

Pavadita –  – Alfredo de Angelis

Amor y primavera – Francisco Canaro

Corazon De Oro – Francisco Canaro

Tete’s and Silvia’s favorites

Vayan saliendo – De Caro

Cantando, Bajito – by Donato

La Trilla – Di Sarli

El recodo – Biagi

Color de rosa by Troilo

A Evaristo Carriego, La tupungatina by Pugliese

La guida by Carabelli

Pavadita by De Angelis

Claro de Luna – Francisco Canaro

María Esther – Francisco Canaro

Francia – Francisco Canaro

Special Thanx

Ilene Marder of Woodstock Tango

Florencia Prado and for translations


Rick McGarrey, Without Fear, from his blog Tango and Chaos

Nov/Dec 2007

interview with Silvia, Clarin, Spanish)

Wikipedia about Luca Prodan and his band Sumo


Woodstock Tango

Silvia Ceriani

Impressions of tango lesson with Tete & Silvia, essay by Leonardo Krause

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