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Tango nuevo: before and after Piazzolla

Tango Nuevo – track 1.

Tango Nuevo – track 2.

Tango Nuevo – track 3.

Piazzolla is considered to be THE tango nuevo, however, there were predecessors, contemporaries and followers who were the great artists in their own right.

Bernardo Monk, an Argentine tango/jazz musician based in Boston, MA talks about some
of those musicians and composers.

Bernardo particularly admires the modern bandoneonist
Nestor Marconi. He mentioned playing and recording with the great master. You can hear the recording on Monk’s CD  Ponele la firma
(composition Troesma).

Nestor Marconi is familiar to the most of the dancers for his rendition of Libertango with Yo-yo Ma for the soundtrack to Sally Potter’s movie Tango Lesson. See the recording session of Libertango on YouTube.com.
Marconi also recorded Soul of Tango with Yo-yo Ma (tracks 1, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11). He also plays on the soundtrack to the famous movie by Carlos Saura Tango and Fernando E. Solanas’ Sur.

Bernardo mentioned the singer Roberto Goyeneche, “the great Pole”, and the series of recordings which Marconi and Goyeneche made together. Watch the YouTube.com video clip of two artists – Marconi and Goyeneche – performing together Naranjo en flor. The clip’s quality is not the greatest, but you will not fail to notice that Goyeneche “acts” his tangos, not just sings them. It is mesmerizing, even if you do not understand a word in Spanish.

Track 1

Horacio Salgan and Ubaldo De Lio – Hotel Victoria (snippet)Salgan Y De Lio - Tango for Export - Hotel Victoria

Bernardo Monk – Ponele la firma (snippet)

Horacio Salgan Orchestra – A fuego lento

Horacio Salgan and Ubaldo De Lio – A Don Augustin BardiSalgan Y De Lio - Tango for Export - A Don Agustin Bardi

Track 2

Osvaldo Pugliese Orchestra – La Yumba(snippet) this version came from soundtrack
of Tango Lesson

Carlos Garcia – La Yumba

Osmar Maderna – El Vuelo Del Moscardon (snippet)Orquesta Simbolo Osmar Maderna - Bailando Tango - El Vuelo del Moscardon

Osmar Maderna – Lluvia de estrellas

Astor Piazzolla – Muerte del angel

Eduardo Rovira – Que lo paren

Track 3

Julio De Caro – Boedo (snippet)

Marcelo Nisinman – Boedo

Pablo Mainetti – Por una cabeza

Rodolfo Mederos – El Choclo

Nestor Marconi – Gallo Ciego

Nestor Marconi – Tiempo cumplidoNestor Marconi - Latin Essentials, Vol. 20: Nestor Marconi - Tiempo cumplido

Special Thanx

to Bernardo, for spending the time and effort on this project.


R.F. Thompson’s book Tango: the Art History of Love, contains the whole chapter on Horacio Salgan.

www.todotango.com also has a couple ofgood articles about him.

Salgan Y De Lio - Tango for Export
Salgan y De Lio “Tango for export”


Pablo Mainetti  official website

Marcelo Nisinman official website. Nisinman was Astor Piazzolla’s protege. He frequently records with Dutch group Tango Orkestret. The recordings include Piazzolla’s works an other tango Nuevo pieces.

Rodolfo Mederos
official website

February 26th, 2013
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