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Sonia Abadi "The Tango Scene, Swing in"

Sonia Abadi – milonga 1

Sonia Abadi – milonga 2

Sonia Abadi – milonga 3

Sonia Abadi, Tango Scene: Swing In, ABRAZOS books

Sonia Abadi lives in Buenos Aires. She is a physician and a psychoanalyst. And she is also a tango dancer, singer and writer. Her essays about tango community in BAs was translated into many languages.

In this program I read the most insightful and biting excepts from her essays (slightly edited), published in her book Tango Scene: Swing In.

This audio was one of the first productions for Tango Tales, recorded in May, 2007.

In between Sonia’s observations I played the following tangos (not related to the text, just because I love those old tangos):

C. Di Sarli – A la gran muneca

R. Beron /M.Calo – Compas de Corazon

J. D’Arienzo – La payaca

F. Canaro – Maleva

R. Firpo – De pura cepa

R. Firpo – Pena mulata

J. D’Arienzo – La puñalada

J. De Caro/Luis Diaz(v) – Milonga Gris

F. Canaro – Reliquas Portenas

F. Canaro – Adios Juventud

J. Guido – Uruguaya

J. D’Arienzo – Cuatro palabras

New Guard orchestra –  Guitarrera De San Nicholas

Di Sarli – La Cumparsita


Sonia Abadi, Tango Scene: Swing In, ABRAZOS books

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May 12th, 2007
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