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Horacio Salgan & Ubaldo De Lio – Legends of Tango

Salgan and DeLio - Legends Of Tango

Salgan and DeLio – Legends Of Tango

Immortal recordings by two greats: Horacio Salgan on piano and Ubaldo de Lio on guitar.
Some of the duo’s tracks were recorded live in the 1970s. Perhaps, Astor Piazzolla was in the audience: Piazzolla used to sneak between his own engagements to listen to Salgan. He admired Salgan greatly and chastised him for refusing to change the style (which, in retrospect, did not need to change. It wa as perfect as it could be. Salgan has a rare genius for pauses played just right.)
I frequently hear Hotel Victoria from this compilation on NPR: great music transcends cultural borders.

As far as dancing goes, the arrangements are a bit complex, but the above mentioned Hotel Victoria is just perfect.

March 2nd, 2013
Genre(s): Tango of 60s-80s
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