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Rob Connaire: tango rants

Rob – audio 1.

Rob – audio 2.

Rob – audio 3.

Rob – audio 4.


Rob Connaire: tango rants. Personal journey into tango – dance, song and poetry.

Rob Connaire. Photo: M. Katz

Rob Connaire is a dancer and a musician from Philly. I met him at the milonga in Boston. He is the person with much, much finer understanding of music than I
myself ever hope to achieve. And he is passionate about tango.

That’s why I asked him to write an essay about his tango. Rob wrote the script, recorded his voice, selected the music himself. My role on this project was humble – sound editing and mixing.

As I worked on this project I learned a lot about tango music. Rob helped me to discover the pieces of incredible beauty which I have not heard before. And, you, listeners, will discover those pieces too. Your appreciation of tango as music and dance will not be the same, I guarantee it!
Rob’s detailed playlist (with his comments and links – well worth to check out!) and other references are on the bottom of this page.

Special Thanx

HUGE thanks to Rob – without people like you, bud,  Argentine Tango in USA woul have never grown! You can write your comments to Rob – he might like to hear them, too.

Sources (with links to iTunes and Amazon)

track 1: 

Manuel Barrueco - Barrueco: Cantos y Danzas

Antonio Lauro, Natalia,Vals Criollo performed by Manuel Barrueco from Cantos y Danzas (Barrueco’s Histoire du Tango of PIazzolla w/Emmanuel Pahud from this same album is very fine).

Victor Lavallen, Vigilia performed by Jisoo Ok and Hector del Curto from Hector Del Curto’s Eternal Tango

Kronos Quartet - Nuevo

Juan Garcia Esquivel, Mini Skirt, (arr. O. Golijov) performed by the Kronos Quartet from Nuevo

Pedro Laurenz, lyrics by José María Contursi, arr. Luis Borda,  Milonga de mis Amores  from the soundtrack to the movie “12 Tangos” 

Orestes Cufaro y Azucena Maizani, lyrics by Manuel Romero,
La Cancion de Buenos Aires performed by Roberto Rufino, ensemble directed by Leo Lipesker, from Robert Rufino como vacalista de las orquestas de DiSarli Francini/Pontier, Calo, Francini, Triolo

track 2:

Lidia Borda - Entre Sueños

L.C. Amadori, lyrics by Charlo,

Cobardía performed by Lidia Borda,  from her CD Entre Suenos

G.F. Handel, opening Sinfonia from Messiah, performed by the Bach Festival Orchestra (Oregon) conducted by Helmut Rilling

Bernardo Monk, Ponele la Firma performed by Bernardo
Monk, Abel Rogantini, Leonardo Ferreyra, Matias Gonzalez and Joan Pablo Navarro from Monk’s CD Ponele la Firma

F. Schubert, after poems of Wilhelm Muller, Der Leiermann

from Die Winterreise sung by Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, and Alfred Brendel piano.

Tomas Gubitsch, Villa Luro, performed by Lidia Kaminska, accordion, Beau Bledsoe, guitar from Lidia’s CD Breaking Boundaries

Aníbal Troilo, lyrics by Homero Manzi, Sur arr. by Luis Borda from the soundtrack to
the movie “12 Tangos”

track 3:

Carlos Di Sarli, Bahia Blanca, performed by the Orquesta Carlos de Sarli

Edmundo P. Salvidar, Vieja Casa performed by Musamistonga (I mispronounce their name on the show), Marcella Pedretti, piano and Ferndando Rezk, bandoneon

Jose Maria Aguilar, lyrics by Celedonia Flores, Tengo Miedo, performed by Carlos Gardel, with Jose Maria Aguilar, Guillermo Barbieri and Jose Ricardo guitars.

S. Lipesker, lyrics by R. Yiso, Una Carta Para Italia, performed by Roberto Rufino with the Francini-Pontier orchestra.

José Cura - Anhelo: Argentinian Songs

Alberto Ginastera, lyrics by Fernan Silva Valdes, Opus 3, Canción del Árbol del Olvido
performed by José Cura with Eduardo Delgado and Ernesto Bitetti

Gidon Kremer - Tracing Astor
Astor Piazzolla, Chiquilín de Bachin, performed by Gidon Kremer with Ula Ulijona, Marta Dudraba and Horacio Ferrer
(the poem is at the beginning of this piece, cut for the broadcast — I’m not talking over Horacio Ferrer!)

track 4:

Gustavo Santaolalla, Luna, performed by Gustavo Santaolalla

Herminia Velich y Juan Velich, music and lyrics, Cualquier Cosa, performed by Ignacio Corsini (guitarists unknown).

Matilde Vitullo, Feos, Sucios y Malos, performed by Orquesta Tipica Imperial  from their CD Ruidos Molestos

Gerardo Matos Rodríguez, lyrics by Pascual Contursi y Enrique Maroni, La Cumparsita, performed by Bernardo Monk  from his CD Estacion Buenos Aires


Rob mentioned Rick McGary’s site. Rick writes about absorbing tango as an outsider of tango in Buenos Aires.

February 26th, 2013
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