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Music to dance: Golden Age Tango

    Elvino Vardaro: great violin of tango  ➜
The History of Tango - The Great Violin of Tango / Elvino Vardaro - Recordings 1928-1943

March 2nd, 2013
Genre(s): Golden Age Tango
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As a teenager in Buenos Aires, Piazzolla was absolutely enchanted by Vardaro. With exception of the brief period of leading his own sextet, Vardaro recorded with other orchestras – Cabarelli, Fresedo, Los Provincianos. This album is exquisite compilation of recordings for dancing.

    Trio Ciriaco Ortiz “Coleccion 78 R.P.M: 1931 – 1955”  ➜
Trio Ciriaco Ortiz

February 26th, 2013
Genre(s): Golden Age Tango
Music to dance in listed albums

Ciriaco Ortiz had very special sound – more like a harmonica than a bandoneon. Great pieces to play at smaller milongas, because theĀ trio’s soundĀ is intimate. I marked my favorites with a *, but there is a little gem of slow milonga Advertencia, I want you to notice. When I play it, the dancers come up  Read more…