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Genre : Golden Age Tango

    Elvino Vardaro: great violin of tango  ➜
The History of Tango - The Great Violin of Tango / Elvino Vardaro - Recordings 1928-1943

March 2nd, 2013
Genre(s): Golden Age Tango
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As a teenager in Buenos Aires, Piazzolla was absolutely enchanted by Vardaro. With exception of the brief period of leading his own sextet, Vardaro recorded with other orchestras – Cabarelli, Fresedo, Los Provincianos. This album is exquisite compilation of recordings for dancing.

    Fulvio Salamanca “Sus Grandes Exitos”  ➜
Fulvio Salamanca - Sus Grandes Exitos

March 2nd, 2013
Genre(s): Golden Age Tango

Salamanca was at the piano in the original Juan D’Arienzo’s orchestra and recorded close to 400 numbers with it. Sadly, Salamanca’s talent did not shine with D’Arienzo, as it shone in the few recordings of the orchestra which he led himself. Interesting to note, the relationship between D’Arienzo and Salamanca was symbiotic beyond music. The  Read more…

  Anibal Troilo & Roberto Grela Cuarteto “Recordings 1955 – 1956”  ➜
Anibal Troilo & Roberto Grela Cuarteto / Recordings 1955 - 1956

March 1st, 2013
Genre(s): Argentine Tango, Golden Age Tango
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I can not find the CD with recordings of Troilo and Grela as duo for sale. I do have some tracks in my collection and they are on Favorites list.  Troilo-Grela is one of the finest bandoneon-guitar duos in tango, for each of them is an iconic master of their respective instruments. If you happen  Read more…

    Trio Ciriaco Ortiz “Coleccion 78 R.P.M: 1931 – 1955”  ➜
Trio Ciriaco Ortiz

February 26th, 2013
Genre(s): Golden Age Tango
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Ciriaco Ortiz had very special sound – more like a harmonica than a bandoneon. Great pieces to play at smaller milongas, because the trio’s sound is intimate. I marked my favorites with a *, but there is a little gem of slow milonga Advertencia, I want you to notice. When I play it, the dancers come up  Read more…