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Mariano Mores: the great tango composer of the 20th century. Tango Gricel

Mariano Mores – audio

Mariano Mores was born in 1920. He still performs – at 90!

His showy performance style has its detractors, but what is undisputable that he is one of the greatest tango composers of the 20th century on.

Mariano Mores wrote several tangos with lyrics by Jose Maria Contursi. Contursi’s lyrics pored straight out of his- broken heart. One of them,  Gricel, is directly dedicated to the woman he loved for almost 4 decades.

Several classics composed by Mores:

“Cuartito azul”, “Uno”, “Por qué la quise tango”, “Una lágrima tuya”, “Cafetín
de Buenos Aires”,”Adiós Pampa mía”, “Taquito militar”, “A quién le puede
importar”, “Sin palabras”, “El firulete”, “Cada vez que me recuerdes”,
“Cristal”, “Tu piel de jazmín”, “Gricel”, “En esta tarde gris”


Mariano Mores – Adiós Pampa Mía

Francisco Canaro-Cuartito Azul

Binelli, Ferman & Isaac Trio – El Firulete

Enrique Mario Francini – Armando Pontier-Taquito militar

Osvaldo Tarantino & Osvaldo Berlingieri – Uno / Organito De La Tarde (snippet)

Alberto Negri Divorne – En Esta Tarde Gris!…

Aníbal Troilo con Francisco Fiorentino – Gricel

Special Thanx

Max Valentinuzzi, for the idea of the show



February 26th, 2013
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