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Maddy Gersh: notes on tango and middle age

Maddy – audio 1.

Maddy – audio 2.

Maddy – audio 3.

Maddy Gersh is a tango dancer from Boston, MA.

She visited Buenos Aires and she would like to tell you that it is a tough day in BsAs if you are not young and beautiful anymore. However, Maddy has the great sense of humor an the mature perspective about her BsAs experiences. After all, middle age has its own lovely moments.

Also, she will enlighten you about  ‘dos’ and ‘do nots’ in BsAs.

Maddy and her beloved dance teacher in BsAs

Maddy in BsAs (I wanna be in your place!!!)

Here is Maddy’s playlist:


Color Tango-Al Galope

Lalo Schifrin-Picante

Francisco Canaro-Milonga Sentimental


Otros Aires-Milonga sentimental

Hugo Diaz – Uno (on background of my “Approaching Middle Age station” essay)

Viviana Vigil & Hector Pilatti-Flores del Alma (vals from movie Tango)

Los muchachos de antes – El Torito


Edgardo Donato-Horacio Lagos-Camp Afuera

Otros Aires – Junto A Las Piedras

Alfredo Marcucci & Piacevole-Pedro Laurenz – Milonga de mis Amores

Alfredo de Angelis – Siempre Milonga

Special Thanx

Maddy – you are SOOO
much fun. With you

the land of Middle Age and the city of Buenos Aires are not scary to
travel to. Thank you for sharing your notes!

February 26th, 2013
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