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What does it take to start a tango studio? (Plus Milonga Etiquette)

Lori Coyle – audio 1.

Lori Coyle – audio 2.

Lori Coyle – audio 3.

Lori & Javier Rochwarger

Lori & Javier Rochwarger of Buenos Aires before a
wonderful evening of dancing and fun at Tango Hop.

Many tango dancers just like dancing. Very few has vision, imagination, energy and courage to start teaching others, to organize a milonga and to create their own studio.

This is a story of Lori Coyle, a young woman from Media, PA, who did just that.

Lori & Sam

At times, it is a very personal story, because she found Sam, her boyfriend and a fellow-organizer of Tango Hop studio and milonga, through the love of tango.

Lori, her studio & her students appear in other issues of my program, as well as her writings about milonga etiquette.


Tango Hop studio in Media, PA

February 26th, 2013
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