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Brief literary tour to Borges' Buenos Aires with Tomas Eloy Martinez

Buenos Aires – audio 1

Buenos Aires – audio 2

Buenos Aires – audio 3

I read Tango Singer (the 3rd novel by Martinez) in (almost) one sitting. Read this book if you plan to visit BsAs! It is an erudite guide to the city – tango, literary, historical.

In this program I will read several excerpts about the group of tourists going on a bus tour of Borges’ Buenos Aires. The tour includes various side stories, such as the story of the great poet’s sad love and the story of the city’s founders.

The “theme” song of this radio show is Mi Buenos Aires Querido from Tangos recorded by Hugo Diaz trio in the 1970s.

About Tomas Eloy Martinez:

He was a prominent journalist in Buenos Aires before the oppressive military dictatorship forced him to leave his motherland in the 1970s. Currently he is a professor at Rutger University in PA.

Tomas Eloy Martinez wrote three historical novels – Santa Evita, Peron and Tango Singer. All three novels are the best of the best in the category of historical fiction.

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The destiny of Borges: From an interview with Jorge Luis Borges, in Habitus 03 conducted in 1984 at the University of Buenos Aires.


February 26th, 2013
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