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Doctor Rene Favaloro: doctor, inventor, humanist  ➜

February 25th, 2013
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Doctor Rene Favaloro audio Max Valentinuzzi¬† was on my show several times talking about his favorite subject – Argentine Tango. I met Max (via internet & phone) thanks to Bob Barnes, the leader of Mandragora Tango Orchestra. Since Max is a bio-engineering scientist, I asked him once: “Is it true that the coronary bi-pass procedure  Read more…

Influencing young Piazzolla: the musical diversity which created the genius  ➜

February 25th, 2013
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track 1 track 2 Astor Piazzolla is still the best known composer of Argentine tango in the world. He achieved this position partially by talent, partially by hard work and partially by good fortune of being exposed to the wide diversity of music from his childhood. I am greatly in debt to Le Grand Tango:  Read more…

Interview with Valorie Hart and Alberto Paz, the authors of Gotta Tango  ➜

February 25th, 2013
Published as: books, notes about tango.   Subject(s): tango - dance.

audio Alberto and Valorie, the master teachers from New Orleans, LA, USA, are known to the world of tango for their wonderful newsletter/blog El Firulete. Aside from El Firulete, Alberto and Valorie produce other blogs, podcasts and materials. See Links section. In 2005 they published the definitive reference on structure of the Argentine tango, based  Read more…

Joe Powers, chromatic harmonica: seduced by the tango  ➜

February 25th, 2013
Genre(s): Modern Tango
Music to dance, to listen
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Joe Powers Joe Powers¬†is very charismatic and very talented harmonica player (chromatic harmonica). He completed many tours in France, Germany and Japan. In 2008 Joe won a prestigious Crystal Harmonica Award (Classical division) in Belgium (2008). Joe plays a wide variety of music – blues, classical, Japanese folk. And, yes, Argentine tango. Joe is a  Read more…

Sonia Abadi "The Tango Scene, Swing in"  ➜

May 12th, 2007
Published as: books, notes about tango.   Subject(s): tango.

Sonia Abadi – milonga 1 Sonia Abadi – milonga 2 Sonia Abadi – milonga 3 Sonia Abadi lives in Buenos Aires. She is a physician and a psychoanalyst. And she is also a tango dancer, singer and writer. Her essays about tango community in BAs was translated into many languages. In this program I read  Read more…