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Interview with Brian Winter, the author of "Long After Midnight at the Nino Bien"  ➜

February 26th, 2013
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Brian Winter – audio 1. Brian Winter – audio 2. Brian Winter, a 22-year-old Texan, wanted to get a life experience before getting his first real job. To fulfill his goal, he moved to Argentina in 2000. That very year Argentina slipped into the worst economic crisis, when everything stagnated except for… the Buenos Aires  Read more…

Sonia Abadi "The Tango Scene, Swing in"  ➜

May 12th, 2007
Published as: books, notes about tango.   Subject(s): tango.

Sonia Abadi – milonga 1 Sonia Abadi – milonga 2 Sonia Abadi – milonga 3 Sonia Abadi lives in Buenos Aires. She is a physician and a psychoanalyst. And she is also a tango dancer, singer and writer. Her essays about tango community in BAs was translated into many languages. In this program I read  Read more…