Tango Tales: all about Argentine Tango – modern, Golden Age, electronico, alternative

Histories of famous old Argentine (and non-Argentine) tangos

Old Tango – La Paloma

Old Tango – El Choclo

Old Tango – Caminito 1

Old Tango – Caminito 2

Do you know what jazz, European classical opera and Argentine tango has in common? Habanera! Listen to the story of the most famous habanera – La Paloma. It is also a brief overview how the genre of Afro-Cuban habanera influenced the musical world o the 20th century.

What do El Choclo and Kiss of Fire have in common? It is the same thing! Listen to the story of the great tango, its charming creator and its shameless knock-offs.

Caminito is the third most known tango in the world (after La Cumparsita and El Choclo). Its composer, J.D. Filiberto, has an unusually late and difficult career start, but his optimism and hard work overcame the obstacles. The lyrics, written by Cori Penaloza, is a very touching, auto-biographical sketch, which deserves to be told.


Robert Farris Thompson, Tango: The Art History of Love

ToDoTango – a comprehensive source of Argentine tango music, poetry and history

Simon Collier, Tango! – superbly illustrated history of Argentine tango in English

Tom Morgan, St. Louis Blues: An American Classic, found on internet

Habanera and Danzon



February 26th, 2013
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