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Guitar in tango. Great tango guitarists. (guest appearance: Francisco Pancho Navarro)

Great Guitarists – audio 1.

Great Guitarists – audio 2.

Great Guitarists – audio 3.

One of the first instruments of the tango was guitar. I talked to the Argentine master of guitar Francisco Pancho Nararro about the role of guitar in tango and the best tango guitarists of the past and present. The show features three of the masters named b Navarro – Roberto Grela, Juanjo Dominguez and Cacho Tirao.

Special Thanx

Francisco Navarro for generously sharing the knowledge


Pablo Aslan and his Tango Recordings from 1950s

About Borges and his tango poetry:
Robert Farris Thompson, Tango: the art history of love

Interview with Juanjo Dominguez (2002), in Spanish


Troilo and Grela performing Mi Noche Triste

Juanjo Dominguez – Cuando t?no est?

February 26th, 2013
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