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The Golden Age of Argentine tango

Golden Age  – audio 1

What kind of music was played at milongas of Golden Age – recorded or live,
tango only or mixed? Tango purists, be prepared for some surprises!

What kind of people went to milongas? How Juan Carlos Copes, the tango dancer of
the century, started his spectacular career? You will hear it all.

Max Valentinuzzi, who played as a semi-pro pianist at milongas, vividly recalls
the time of his youth in the first half of the show. More of the memories of his
eventful life can be heard on the audio, produced in 2007. Recently Max recorded a CD with Mandragora Tango Orchestra.

Bernardo Monk is jazz/tango musician from Boston. The soundclip with his voice cam from the interview with Monk in March, 2008.


I selected the recordings made between 1945-1952:

Juan D’Arienzo/Armando Laborde – Con alma de tango

Ricardo Malerba – Charamusca (background)

Louis Armstrong – Star Dust

Julio De Caro – Derecho Viejo

Pugliese – El paladin

Carlos Di Sarli – El Ingeniero

Enrique Mario Francini & Armando Pontier – La Beba

Juan D’Arienzo – Jueves

Carlos Di Sarli – La Racha

Aníbal Troilo – Fuegos Artificiales

Special Thanx

To Max Valentunuzzi for his enthusiastic support of my productions.


Tango: The art history of love book was invaluable.


February 26th, 2013
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