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Brief history of Finnish Tango

Finnish tango – audio 1.
Finnish tango – audio 2.

Cold Finland with its reserved people might seem to be the least receptive to tango. But – believe it or not! – the Finns love tango. It took them some time to warm up to it. Listen about Finland and how tango was “finlandized”.

Satumaa (The Fabulous Land)

translation provided by Alberto Gesualdi

Somewhere over the high seas there is a land
where a wave laps to the distant shore of Happy Isles
where the most beautiful of flowers always bring in their shine
there the worries of tomorrow may be left forgotten
Oh if one only could get to that fabulous land
then I would never leave it like a bird
but without wings I cannot fly
I am a prisoner of the earth
only by my thoughts, reaching far
I can get there
Fly, my song, there where the fabulous land is gleaming
there where my dearest is waiting for me
fly, my song, there like a gliding bird
tell that in my thoughts there is only him


The volume two of Finnischer Tango (red cover) has excellent liner notes and almost all the tracks are very danceable.

February 26th, 2013
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