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Doctor Rene Favaloro: doctor, inventor, humanist

Doctor Rene Favaloro audio

Max Valentinuzzi  was on my show several times talking about his favorite subject – Argentine Tango. I met Max (via internet & phone) thanks to Bob Barnes, the leader of Mandragora Tango Orchestra.

Since Max is a bio-engineering scientist, I asked him once: “Is it true that the coronary bi-pass procedure was invented in Argentina?” No, it was not true. But the doctor who invented it was an Argentine and Max knew him very well.

This is a brief story of doctor Rene Favaloro, a scientist, a humanist, a patriot and a human being who was larger than life. Max Valentinuzzi told it to me via phone in September, 2008.

Max also wrote the Wikipedia article about Rene Favaloro.


Mandragora Tango Orchestra – El Garron

Franco Luciani – Los ejes de mi careta [this folk song was a background for the
story] – Tango y Armonica

Franco Luciani – Sur – Tango y armonica

Hugo Diaz –  La vieja – A los cuatro vientos


Links & Sources

Favaloro Foundation (Spanish)

Favaloro University (Spanish)

Wikipedia article about Rene Favaloro
Obituary by American Heart Association
Obituary in Telegraph
Rene Favaloro: 1923-2000: Heart Surgeon Biography – Interest In Medicine Began Early, Returned To Argentina, Clinic Struggled With Financial Difficulty
Rene Favaloro, The Challenging Dream of Heart Surgery: From the Pampas to Cleveland (English) autobiography written in 1994
William Stoney, The Pioneers of Cardiac Surgery (English), the essay by Dwight Harken, mentioned by Max, is in this book

February 25th, 2013
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