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Chango Spasiuk: ravishingly beautiful

Chango Spasiuk - Tarefero de mis pagos

Chango Spasiuk – Tarefero de mis pagos

Chango Spasiuk - Pynandi - Los Descalzos

Chango Spasiuk – Pynandi – Los Descalzos

“ravishingly beautiful” – John Lusk, BBC

Chango Spasiuk (b. 1968) is a virtuoso chamamé accordeon player from Misiones, Argentina, a small province near the Brazilian border. By the admission of many European music critics, Spasiuk opened the previously unknown world of the Argentine chamamé to the Western listeners. His music, and, especially, this last album does not sound like “regional music” from the place which not many people could find on the map right away.

Spasiuk’s orchestra (accordeon, violin, a couple of guitars, double bass, percussion and occasional piano and electrical guitar) plays WORLD music. There is a strong European influence (Spasiuk is of Ukranian descent),  a bit of percussive Brazilian music, a bit of rock and a tinge of blues and jazz.

But the most important is HOW Spasiuk and his orchestra plays: 100% from the heart.

Tarefero de mis pagos (The Yerba Mate Harvester Of My Homeland) is mostly an instrumental album with several fine songs by Sebastián Villalaba and a guest appearance by chamamé veteran Antolín Gómez.

February 28th, 2013
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