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DETOUR: Stradivari's cellos and Tourte's bows

Cello – audio 1.

Cello – audio 2.

There is not much cello in Argentine tango (except for Le Grand Tango). Regardless of that, I decided to make a short sentimental detour into the past centuries and to talk about my childhood memories of a cello, the prolific genius of violin- and cello-making Antoni Stradivari and the equally great bow-maker Francois Tourte.

You will hear the voices of Yo-yo Ma and Carlos Prieto, the world-class cellists. Of course, you will hear the music by J.S. Bach, A. Piazzolla, H. Villa-Lobos played by those great masters of a cello on their Stradivaris – the Davidov (named after its collector) and the Piatti (named after the great 19th century Italian cellist).


I will be honest with you: I do not know much about the classical music.

Every bit of knowledge about cello, Cremona violin- and cello- making, Stradivari and Tourte came from the well-organized and well-written book The Adventures of a Cello by Mexican cellist Carlos Prieto. There is a special chapter on Argentine tango and Piazzoll in this book. Carlos Prieto was the first cellist to record Piazzolla’s Le Grand Tango.

The book is partially memoir, partially the biography of his beloved cello Piatti, partial the history of cello (European and Latin American) music.

There is a hidden bonus for those who buys a new copy of the book – a CD on the back cover From Bach to Piazzolla with the recording of Le Grand Tango on it.


Track 1

Carlos Prieto (cello), Edison Quintana (piano)- Aria de Bachianas Brasileiras #5 (Villa-Lobos)

Carlos Prieto (cello), Edison Quintana (piano)-Le Grand Tango (a snippet of 3rd part) (Piazzolla)

Yo-Yo Ma – Menuett (Bach) (from soundtrack to The Company)

Carlos Prieto-Courante from Suite no. 6 in D Major for solo cello (Bach)

Track 2
Yo-Yo Ma - Piazzolla: Soul of the Tango - Mumuki

Yo-Yo Ma – Mumuki (Piazzolla)

Yo-Yo Ma - Piazzolla: Soul of the Tango - Regreso al amor, from Solana's movie "Sur"
Yo-Yo Ma – Sur – Regreso Al Amor (Piazzolla)


Carlos Prieto

Yo-yo Ma

Tango! conference, Radcliffe Institute

Special Thanx

to Radcliffe Institute for organizing Tango! conference, where I recorded Yo-yo Ma & Carlos Prieto speaking.


February 26th, 2013
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