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Artist: Yo-Yo Ma

    Antonio Agri, violinist  ➜
Antonio Agri - Conversando Con AmigosYo-Yo Ma - Soul of The TangoAntonio Agri - La Conversacion

February 28th, 2013
Genre(s): Tango Nuevo
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The most beautiful tango violin to listen. Period. Antonio Agri, much like Horacio Salgan (with whom he occasionally played), is an artist of much wider range than traditional tango and Tango Nuevo. Two first albums Conversando Con Amigos and La ConversacionĀ (if you can find them) are the compilations of recordings with other great artists of  Read more…

DETOUR: Stradivari's cellos and Tourte's bows  ➜

February 26th, 2013
Published as: notes about tango.   Subject(s): tango - music.

Cello – audio 1. Cello – audio 2. There is not much cello in Argentine tango (except for Le Grand Tango). Regardless of that, I decided to make a short sentimental detour into the past centuries and to talk about my childhood memories of a cello, the prolific genius of violin- and cello-making Antoni Stradivari  Read more…