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Artist: El Arranque

    El Arranque: “Clasicos” and “Cabulero”  ➜
El Arranque - ClasicosEl Arranque - Cabulero

March 2nd, 2013
Genre(s): Modern Tango
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El Arranque under the direction of Ignacio Varchauski were in the very beginning of tango revival in the 1990s. Ignacio Varchauski (bass) was originally a jazz musician, who took an active interest in his native tango when very few young Argentine musicians were interested in it or knew how to play it. Alfredo Gobbi (violinist, orchestra  Read more…

Si Sos Brujo: the interview with Caroline Neal, the director of the award-winning documentary  ➜

February 26th, 2013
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Si Sos Brujos – audio 1. Si Sos Brujos – audio 2. Si Sos Brujos – audio 3. Si Sos Brujo is the great documentary. It is about the preservation of great traditions of the Argentine tango music and the visionary leadership. Si Sos Brujo traces the organization of Orquesta Escuela de Tango or Training  Read more…