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Argentine Tango

Trio Ciriaco Ortiz

Trio Ciriaco Ortiz "Coleccion 78 R.P.M: 1931 - 1955" ➜

Quinteto Real - Nuestros 30 Mejores Tangos

Quinteto Real "Nuestros 30 Mejores Tangos" ➜

Salgan and DeLio - Legends Of Tango

Horacio Salgan & Ubaldo De Lio - Legends of Tango ➜

12 Tangos - Adios Buenos Aires

Luis Borda - soundtrack to "12 Tangos: Adios Buenos Aires" ➜

Fulvio Salamanca - Sus Grandes Exitos

Fulvio Salamanca "Sus Grandes Exitos" ➜

El Arranque - Clasicos

El Arranque: "Clasicos" and "Cabulero" ➜

El Arranque - Cabulero

El Arranque: "Clasicos" and "Cabulero" ➜

Hugo Rivas - Coleccion: Tango En El Tasso Guitarra

Hugo Rivas "Coleccion: Tango En El Tasso Guitarra" ➜

Anibal Troilo & Roberto Grela Cuarteto / Recordings 1955 - 1956

Anibal Troilo & Roberto Grela Cuarteto "Recordings 1955 - 1956" ➜

Juanjo Dominguez - Corazon Guitarrero

Juanjo Dominguez & Cuarteto "Corazon Guitarrero", "Mis tangos preferidos" ➜

Juanjo Dominguez - Mis tangos preferidos Vol. 2

Juanjo Dominguez & Cuarteto "Corazon Guitarrero", "Mis tangos preferidos" ➜

Tango - original soundtrack

"Tango", original soundtrack ➜


Carlos Libedinski "Narcotango"  ➜

Antonio Agri - Conversando Con Amigos

Antonio Agri, violinist ➜

Yo-Yo Ma - Soul of The Tango

Antonio Agri, violinist ➜

Antonio Agri - La Conversacion

Antonio Agri, violinist ➜

Ariel Ardit - Doble

Ariel Ardit - Doble ➜

Adriana Varela - Mas Tango

Adriana Varela - Mas Tango ➜

Hager Sexteto - Valses

Fabio Hager Sexteto - Valses ➜

The History of Tango - The Great Violin of Tango / Elvino Vardaro - Recordings 1928-1943

Elvino Vardaro: great violin of tango ➜

Alternative Tango

Tangowerk by Nhoah ➜

Federico Aubele - Berlin 13

Federico Aubele "Berlin 13" ➜

Bajofondo - Presente

Bajofondo Tango Club "Presente" released in March, 2013! ➜

Mandragora Tango Orchestra - Barrio Longfellow

Mandragora Tango "Barrio Longfellow"  ➜

World Music

Chango Spasiuk - Pynandi - Los Descalzos

Chango Spasiuk: ravishingly beautiful ➜

Chango Spasiuk - Tarefero de mis pagos

Chango Spasiuk: ravishingly beautiful ➜


Zaz, modern version of Edit Piaf ➜

Books, movies, websites, etc.

In Raquel’s Steps, documentary by Gabriela Bohm  ➜
In Raquel’s Footsteps – drama documentary

February 28th, 2013
Published as: movies.   Subject(s): Argentina.

Director: Gabriela Bohm 
USA-Argentina 2013 / Spanish w/English subtitles, English / 30 minutes From the shtetl to the tango…more than 30,000 Jewish women were lured from Europe to the New World, only to be devoured in Argentinean prostitution rings run by Jewish criminals. This film is about an ordinary woman — Raquel Liberman — whose  Read more…

Tango nuevo: before and after Piazzolla  ➜

February 26th, 2013
Published as: notes about tango.   Subject(s): tango - music.

Tango Nuevo – track 1. Tango Nuevo – track 2. Tango Nuevo – track 3. Piazzolla is considered to be THE tango nuevo, however, there were predecessors, contemporaries and followers who were the great artists in their own right. Bernardo Monk, an Argentine tango/jazz musician based in Boston, MA talks about some of those musicians  Read more…

The greatest tango pianists  ➜

February 26th, 2013
Published as: notes about tango.   Subject(s): tango - music.

Pianists – audio 1. Pianists – audio 2. Pianists – audio 3.   This show is born out of the small diversion when I recorded the interview with Bernardo Monk for Tango nuevo: before and after Piazzolla. “Piano is the backbone of the tango music,” – said Monk. I asked him about the great pianists.  Read more…

Orquesta Escuela de Tango (OET) – interviews with Emilio Balcarce and Nestor Marconi  ➜

February 26th, 2013
Published as: notes about tango.   Subject(s): tango - music.

OET (Training Orquestra of Tango) was created in 2000 with the objective of forming the young musicians within instrumental practices recovered from the orchestral experiences of Typical Orchestras of the Golden Age. From its very beginning, this Orchestra was directed by one of the greatest  composers and arrangers of tango history, the bandoneonist and violinist  Read more…

Si Sos Brujo: the interview with Caroline Neal, the director of the award-winning documentary  ➜

February 26th, 2013
Published as: movies, notes about tango.   Subject(s): tango - music.

Si Sos Brujos – audio 1. Si Sos Brujos – audio 2. Si Sos Brujos – audio 3. Si Sos Brujo is the great documentary. It is about the preservation of great traditions of the Argentine tango music and the visionary leadership. Si Sos Brujo traces the organization of Orquesta Escuela de Tango or Training  Read more…

Tete and Silvia  ➜

February 26th, 2013
Published as: notes about tango.   

Tete and Silvia – audio 1. Tete and Silvia – audio 2. Tete is one of the last milongueros of the great Golden Age of tango. He has been dancing tango for almost 60 years. His philosophy and style of dancing are not the only reasons why he is considered such an iconic figure in  Read more…

Interview with Astor Piazzolla (San Francisco, 1989)  ➜

February 25th, 2013
Published as: radio productions, radio shows.   

Interview with Piazzolla – part 1 Interview with Piazzolla – part 2 Astor Piazzolla is speaking about his music Speaking Of Music show, May 11, 1989, Exploratorium Theater, San Francisco. Recorded by KPFA.

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    Calexico – Quattro (Gotan Project Remix)  ➜

March 4th, 2013
Categories: Alternative Tango Music, News Reel
Genre(s): Alternative Tango, Found Tango
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TRACK: Calexico – Quattro (Gotan Project Remix) Calexico appears on several albums by Gotan Project. Unfortunately, this energetic piece with great lyrics, did not make to any of them. PITY! One of my all-time favorites for dancing (a bit long, although).

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